Why Dog Grooming is Important

Having a dog as part of your family is joyous, whether it's a new puppy just joining your family or a canine that's been with you for a while, they bring us so much happiness. As an owner it's our responsibility to make sure we are meeting their basic requirements and grooming is one of them.

Grooming your dog is essential for helping your dog to feel great as well as healthy. Every dog is different and each breed has different grooming requirements so it's important that we know what our dogs need. It's great to keep on top of your dogs coat at home by bathing and brushing them when needed but they also need to have professional grooms by a dog groomer for a more thorough groom.



Your dogs grooming journey starts from the day you bring them into your home, I don't mean you should be putting them in the bath and washing them on their first day but by them hearing different noises, feeling different textures on their paws and being touched in different places helps to build their confidence to have a successful experience with their groomer. Once your puppy has had all of their vaccinations and they are allowed to go on walks then it's time to book their 'puppy intro' groom! Your groomer will offer introduction appointments, this is simply to help dogs to get use to the grooming process. There are loud appliances such as the blaster which is a powerful dryer and it's important that dogs are socialised with this so they know what to expect when it comes to their future grooming appointments. 


Every dog is different with their grooming requirements so it's important that you research your dogs breed needs, for example what a Labrador requires is very different to a labradoodle mix. A Labrador would need a bath and a thorough brush out as they are a breed that sheds, these breeds should visit a groomer around every 8 weeks as well as have regular weekly brushing at home where as a labradoodle requires more and should be professionally groomed around every 4-6 weeks but should be brushed everyday at home to prevents matts. If you are unsure about what your dog needs then make contact with your local dog groomer as they will be more than happy to discuss this with you.


It's not just a dogs coat that a groomer will check, they will also make sure their nails are at the right length. Keeping on top of your dogs nails is really important because if their nails are too long it will be very uncomfortable and painful for them. When their nails become too long they touch the ground which means when the dog walks their paws won't move freely putting pressure on their joints, causing pain. It is always best that a groomer or veterinarian trims the dogs nails as there are blood vessels in the nails and if they are trimmed too short it is painful for the dog.


When your dog is at the groomers the groomer will be having a thorough feel around all areas of your dog and they often notice early signs of illnesses meaning it can be dealt with quicker. While looking after your dogs coat is the main part of a groomers job they also check in-between paws pads, sanitary areas, ears, teeth and the skin in general. This can ultimately help you to give your dog the best care they need to recover.

Groomers spend a lot of time looking at the dogs skin when washing, drying and brushing so they are very likely to notice any changes or fleas and ticks meaning you can then provide early prevention.


Finding a good groomer is important, the best way to start with this is to ask your local dog friends who they use, personal recommendations are great as you get to know what others like about the groomer. Your veterinary practice may be able to recommend a groomer to you too, so it's always worth asking them. If you're still unsure then a search on Google should help. Always read the groomers reviews, they should have reviews either on Google, their website or their social media so you can make a judgement. Once you have found a groomer that is suitable for you then it's really important that you build a relationship with them, the groomer will get to know your dog and could be the first to notice any sort of changes so it's important to pick the right groomer that you will continue to use.


We want to thank Amii at Country Hound for providing all the relevant information for this blog.