Natural Dog Tooth Powder 60g

Keep your dog's teeth clean, prevent tartar and bad dog breath with this natural Dog Toothpowder. Made with natural ingredient that has a lovely soft and fine texture to it. When it is mixed in water, it forms a paste that has historically been used for its medical benefits and can be safely ingested.


We also have to mention how lovely our Tooth powder smells and tastes – infused with cloves which dogs really love!

Non toxic / Vegan / 100% Natural

- Naturally occurring Ingredients!
- Eco-friendly packaging
- Diminishes bad breath
- Naturally abrasive
- Natural smell and tastes great
- Helps Prevent tartar, remove plaque and surface debris
- Dog Lick Safe

Dampen your dogs toothbrush or a cloth, dip the brush into the powder then gently brush teeth and gums. Use as needed from daily to weekly.

Calcium based Clays:
A variety of clays have been added to help polish and whiten teeth. Mild and soft, well known for its properties in drawing toxins from the mouth. Rich in minerals which support tooth remineralization. It’s detoxifying properties help freshen breath and fight gum disease, while it’s adsorptive properties help remove stains from teeth. It is formed from volcanic activity from millions of years ago and is essentially volcanic ash.

Herbs & Ground Cloves:
Herbs and clove powder add flavouring, but they also have astringent properties that support gum health, freshens breath and prevents tooth and gum disintegration.

bicarbonate has mild abrasive properties that help to remove plaque build-up and polishes away stains. It significantly contributes to a more alkaline ph. Bicarbonate is also used to naturally whiten your teeth.

Keeps longer than toothpaste as it's made with dry ingredients.

Each jar prevents on average 3 tubes of toothpaste packaging from going to landfill.

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