Ruff & Tumble Clip & Slip Leads


Made of soft woven fabric and over a metre long, they feel soft to hold and are easy to use. Pliable enough to pop into a pocket and with an adjustable slide on the slip leads, they are finished with leather bindings with colour matched top stitching and solid brass fixings.

Available in two thicknesses - Slim and Thick. The slim is perfect for the smaller breeds, puppies or anyone that prefers a lighter weight lead.

  • Soft to hold
  • Two thicknesses - Thick and Slim
  • Width: 1.4cm (Thick leads), 0.9cm (Slim leads)
  • Length: 130cm (Slip Leads), 110cm (Clip leads) 
  • Pliable enough to pop in a pocket
  • Strong solid brass fixings
  • Natural soft leather embossed bindings
  • Smart colour matched stitching
  • Suitable for use with all breeds

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